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Look through this shots to get a feel for the kind and size work we do.  Call us at 254.829.0001 in Waco.
Big Utility Valve


A full range of municipal and private utility expertise that includes water, sewer, drain, and fire lines, manholes, fire hydrants, main line taps, installation and replacement.
Site Preparation

Site Preparation

With equipment and experience to perform all facets of site preparation including demolition, excavation, grading, , compaction, installing pads, and tree clearing.
Septic Work

Septic Design/Install

Installing a full array of septic systems including conventional, evapotranspiration (ET), low pressure dose (LPD), and aerobic.

Know who you're working with

Here are our three department heads and a little bit about them . . .


Project Manager



Project Manager



Office Manager

David Salmeri
General Manager
Most projects begin by


Road Work
A Very Necessary Part of the Job
While Quality Contractors is no threat to a 100 mile stretch of interstate, being in the utility business does require roadwork. As a matter of fact, we would far prefer running utilities down the street and making the necessary repairs, to trying to get a 10 inch sewer line to fit between the mailbox, birdbath, and swingset and then have to deal with that tree that died five years later and everyone is sure it’s our fault.
Off-peak Work
When It Just Must Be Done NOW
Every job has elements that make it special, and some jobs just cannot be done in the daytime. I in Texas, sometimes it’s the heat, sometimes it’s the traffic, or sometimes it’s just the fact that water main that needs to be fixed didn’t blow up until almost dark and it needs to be fixed right now. Whatever it is that makes your job special, we are equipped to get your job completed on time and on budget.
Large-Scale Cleanup
This Place Is A Disaster!!
We all seem to have a tendency to make messes. And there are definitely some big messes out there. Here at Quality Contractors one of our specialties is helping to clean up those big messes. Whether it be brush/tree removal and or finish grading after a job is complete, we are equipped to get the place cleaned up.
It’s Still Utility Work . . .
A.k.a. on-site sewage facilities or OSSF (which seems like a very fancy name for a septic). But we do install them. We have actually been installing septic’s for longer than we have been you doing utility work. I guess you could say septics are the utility work that got us started in utility work.
Because Experience Is