Challenger & Lake Air Little League
Redevelopment Project

Project Summary


This project, with a bid of $302,083, was focused on crucial water infrastructure enhancements:

  • Sanitary Sewer Line Upgrade: 665 linear feet of new 6" diameter sewer lines.
  • Manhole Installations: Three new 48" diameter sanitary manholes for improved access and maintenance.
  • Water System Enhancements: A cut-in tee and valve measuring 6"x6", a 70-linear-foot extension of 6" diameter water lines, and 740 linear feet of robust 4" C900 DR18 water lines for a reliable supply.
  • Metering and Prevention: Installation of two advanced water meters for precise usage monitoring and two water backflow preventors for system protection.
  • Fire Safety Infrastructure: Installation of three new fire hydrants to ensure readiness in emergencies.
  • Sewer and Water Line Work: Replacement of 100 linear feet of old 8" clay sewer lines and lowering of 100 linear feet of 8" C900 water lines to align with system updates.