Everhome Suites in Waco, Texas

Project Summary


The Everhome Suites construction project in Waco, Texas highlights our team's expertise in laying essential infrastructure and introducing advanced water management solutions:

  • Underground Utilities Installation: Focused on sewer lines, water lines, and storm drains to support the hotel's infrastructure.

  • Barracuda Detention System: This is our first implementation of this advanced underground water management solution.

  • Water Supply and Fire Safety: Installed a 3" meter assembly with a vault, 220 linear feet of 4" C900 DR18 water pipes and 6" C900 DR18 fire line pipes, each equipped with the necessary fittings and a fire double-check valve assembly with a backflow preventer.

  • Irrigation and Sewer Systems: Developed with a 2" COM water service line, and enhanced with 5' and 6' sewer manholes, plus 126 linear feet of sewer pipe.

  • Stormwater Management: Installed a range of storm drains from 10" to 30" in diameter, culvert pipe boxes, STM structures including curb inlets, and a 6'x6' outfall structure for effective on-site water management.