GI Alliance

Project Summary


The GI Alliance Project in Waco, Texas, represented a $377,853 initiative to overhaul the water management system of an endoscopy center, focusing on modernization and efficiency:

  • HDPE Pipeline Installation: Introduced HDPE pipelines of various diameters, including a durable 24-inch R.C.P and smaller diameters down to 6 inches, all ensuring soil-tight integrity for water supply and drainage.
  • Sewage Management: Utilized 24-inch R.C.P and HDPE pipes for robust sewage management, supplemented by installations for specific applications such as roof drain connections and grate inlets.
  • Fire Safety Systems: Connected to the existing water system to add a fire line with full fittings and an in-building riser, alongside a double-check detector assembly and meter vault for precise water flow regulation.
  • Water Line Work: Executed 280 linear feet of fire line installation and laid a 2 1/2" SCH40 water line to meet the facility's specific requirements.
  • Sewer System Connection: Concluded with an 8-inch SDR26 sewer line connection to the existing system, featuring a two-way cleanout for maintenance efficiency.

This project showcases our expertise in enhancing healthcare facility infrastructures, emphasizing reliability and precision to support critical operations.