Industrial Park Water Distribution Improvements – Phase 2
(Hillsboro, Texas)

Project Summary

Hillsboro Industrial Water Park

The Phase 2 Industrial Park Water Distribution Improvements construction project in Hillsboro, Texas, with a budget of $1,244,290.75, reflects our holistic approach to municipal water system enhancements:

- Advanced System Control: Introduction of a state-of-the-art SCADA system for sophisticated control and monitoring.
- Pump Station Development: Construction of a new pump station equipped with all the necessary internal mechanisms for optimal functionality.
- Increased Capacity: Addition of a 100,000-gallon ground storage tank to enhance the system's storage capabilities.
- Infrastructure Installation: Laid 3,530 linear feet of 12" C900 DR18 PVC water main, supported by various sizes of tapping sleeves and valves, gate valve assemblies, and air and vacuum release valve assemblies for precise water flow regulation and maintenance.
- Environmental Consideration: Implementation of temporary erosion control and seeding for post-construction environmental restoration.