Industrial Park Water Distribution Improvements
(Hillsboro, Texas)

Project Summary

The Industrial Park Water Distribution Improvements project in Hillsboro, Texas, was a significant $447,505.00 initiative aimed at enhancing the city's water infrastructure to support its industrial park:

  • Resource Mobilization: Included careful planning, safety, and insurance adherence.
  • Installation of Tapping Sleeves and Valves: Utilized a 16" x 12" and an 8" x 8" tapping sleeve and valve for connections.
  • Water Main Installation: Laid 3,530 linear feet of 12" C900 DR18 PVC water main, protected by a 24" steel encasement for added durability.
  • Valve Assemblies: Installed gate valve assemblies and air and vacuum release valve assemblies, using high-quality ductile iron fittings for reliability.
  • Environmental Restoration: Concluded with seeding and site cleanup, ensuring post-construction environmental integrity.