Taylor Street Wastewater Improvements
(Hillsboro, Texas)

Project Summary


The Taylor Street Wastewater Improvements in the City of Waco involved critical upgrades to enhance the municipality's wastewater management:

  • Wastewater Lines Installation: Implemented new 12" SDR-26 PVC wastewater lines in various city streets, replacing outdated infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Abandonment: Decommissioned old 8", 10", and 15" wastewater lines and manholes, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.
  • Manhole Installations: Introduced new 5-foot diameter manholes with standard rings and covers, catering to current and future system demands.
  • Infrastructure Reinforcement: Updated concrete curbs, gutters, and fencing to align with the new wastewater system, enhancing system resilience.
  • Site Restoration: The project concluded with Class 'A' surface replacement and hydromulch seeding, restoring the Taylor Street site to its original condition and improving the area's aesthetics.