Valley Mills Drive Sewer Improvements

Project Summary


With a bid of $2,184,264, this construction project is set to bolster municipal infrastructure through a series of significant works:

  • Piping Enhancements: Installation of 3,911 linear feet (LF) of 12-inch C-900 PVC water pipe and 250 LF of 8-inch C-900 PVC water pipe to improve water distribution. Additional installation of 415 LF of 24-inch steel casing, including comprehensive bore pit work, for a durable encasement of water carrier pipes, and implementation of 542 LF of carrier pipe within the steel casing to ensure long-term serviceability.
  • Hydrant and Valve Assemblies: Installation of 22 resilient seat gate valves and 13 fire hydrant assemblies at strategic locations to ensure reliable access and enhance safety.
  • Surface Restoration: Comprehensive surface restoration involving 1,855 LF of Class 'A', 1,361 LF of Class 'D', and 692 LF of Class 'F' replacements to repair the area post-construction.
  • Sewer Infrastructure Updates: Replacement of existing sewer lines using pipe bursting methods across 394 LF to minimize surface disruption. Removal and replacement of manholes, including the addition of 2 new standard 4-foot diameter manholes, to upgrade wastewater management systems.

This extensive project is designed to significantly improve the water and sewer systems, incorporating large-scale piping installations and surface restorations for enhanced municipal services.