Waco ISD Carver Middle School
Redevelopment Project

Project Summary

The infrastructure enhancement project, with a total bid of $2,472,514.60, focused on a series of upgrades for the water management systems:

  • Stormwater System Upgrades: Installation of PVC and RCP storm drains ranging from 6 inches to 48 inches in diameter. Installation of additional stormwater management structures like grate inlets, junction boxes, and curb inlets, as well as an advanced underground storm chamber system.

  • Sanitary Sewer Improvements: Deployment of new SCH-40 and SDR-26 HW sewer pipes of various sizes. Installation of steel casing and standard precast manholes for improved system access and maintenance.
  • Water Distribution Developments: Extension and connection of an 8" C-900 water main. Installation of various gate valves and assembly fittings for precise control. Establishment of a fire line with full hydrant assemblies for enhanced safety.
  • Site Restoration: Completion of Class 'A' surface restoration to return the site to its original condition.

This project exemplifies a comprehensive plan aimed at strengthening and modernizing the essential water infrastructure systems.