WMARRS Misc. Manhole Rehabilitation

Project Summary

WMAARS Construction Project

The WMARRS Misc. Manhole Rehabilitation Project, valued at $176,668.00, targeted critical enhancements within the wastewater infrastructure, emphasizing manhole rehabilitation:

  • Manhole Removal and Installation: Our tasks included the removal of existing manholes and the installation of new 4-foot and 5-foot diameter manholes at various depths, requiring precise planning and execution.
  • Sewer Pipe Replacement: We replaced 8-inch SDR-26 PVC sewer pipes, crucial for maintaining the wastewater system's functionality.
  • Safety Measures: The project featured the development and implementation of trench safety and confined space safety plans to ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • Pavement Repair: Type 'A' pavement repair was conducted to restore the road surface to its pre-construction condition, highlighting our meticulous approach.
  • Bypass Pumping Plans: To avoid disruptions in the wastewater system's operation, we developed and executed by-pass pumping plans, effectively managing the project's logistical challenges.

This project underlines our dedication to enhancing infrastructure with a strong focus on safety and minimal community disruption, showcasing our commitment to quality and efficient project management.