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Municipal • Commercial • Residential


Civil Utility Contracting

Sewer lines, storm draining, water lines, fire lines and more.


Site Prep

Including demolition, debris removal, subgrade installation, grading and leveling


General Contracting

From residential driveways and minor roads to large-scale commercial construction

Civil Utility Contracting

Municipal, commercial and residential

Nearly all of us rely on sewer, storm drainage and/or water lines every day. We count on them. For them to work reliably, they need to be installed carefully and correctly, with attention to detail.

Utility construction poses additional challenges — for example, working through the night to get the job done in order to minimize disruptions to nearby businesses and traffic. Safety is a concern, too — making sure the work is done as safely as possible, not only for the construction team but also for those who live, travel and work near a utility construction site.

We have been doing utility work in Waco and surrounding areas for decades and have developed extensive experience in facing these challenges and providing quality work.

Our team has the necessary skills, equipment and years of experience to install and replace sewer, water and storm drainage lines, and everything else that goes with them. We're well-trained and equipped to handle all types of utility contracting safely, efficiently and reliably.


Site Prep

Civil, commercial and residential

Demolition, excavation and site preparation are, by nature, foundational work. This type of construction involves literally doing the groundwork and laying the foundation for everything that follows.

It's essential that it be done right because what you build is only be as stable and long lasting as its footing.

With years of experience in construction industry, we provide provide demolition, excavation, clearing and site preparation services for Waco, Texas and surrounding areas.

General Contracting & Construction Services

From residential driveways to large-scale commercial construction

Whether you're putting in a rural or residential driveway, building or repairing a road, you want it to work. And you want it to last.

And that requires proper preparation, high quality materials and attention to detail in leveling, grading, compaction and other aspects of the construction project.

With more than 30 years of experience in general contracting and construction services, we've built everything from residential driveways and minor roads to large-scale commercial construction.